Apocalypse Manila

         The End Begins

                                 Apocalypse Manila, The End Begins                                                         



An infected test monkey attacks a worker in a remote island laboratory, and the virus quickly spreads throughout the Philippines.


An American named Jim Taylor lives and works in Manila.  He watches the apocalypse consume the city.  For now, Jim and a small group of survivors take refuge in his 20th-floor condo.  The undead feed in the streets below while Manila burns in the distance.


Two Marines and a CIA agent are stranded at the Manila airport.  As their aircraft burns on the taxiway, hundreds of zombies converge on them.


Jim piloted helicopters for the Army during the Afghan war.  On his final mission, an RPG brought down his helicopter, and only he survived.  Dead soldiers still haunt his nightmares. 


Jim and a Filipina woman must join forces with the Marines and CIA agent who has intel on the virus.  They commandeer a helicopter and set out on a mission to retrieve an anti-virus.


Mankind’s survival depends on their success, and the odds are against them.  The virus is spreading, and time is running out…

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